Controversial blogger Maverick Aoko has fired a bombshell reply to Khalif Kairo’s post on X where he had paused with a Rwandese pilot named Iggy.

Aoko in her reply wondered why women are always into Kairo. She questions if it all about money because she thinks the entrepreneur is not man enough.

“What do women see in this boy? Money? Coz he ain’t shit mahn…” Aoko stated.

The former media personnel revealed that she doesn’t follow Kairo but she only see his posts via other people’s screenshots.

“I don’t follow him but I see screen shots, he has the brain of a mechanic. Well, ugly, alpha women end up with Obamas so..” added the blogger.

However, some people have criticized her for this comment asking her to mind her own business instead of focusing on other people’s lives.

Here are some of the comments on Aoko’s post:

@its_wambugu – “Picking up fight with people above you to gain popularity. Nd*nywa in peace young shosh.”

@lihamboasiligwa: “They see Money, even you am sure if you get a chance you’ll dish out even sim 2.”

@Musa_kirima001: “Bt he works for his money, he didn’t sleep with anyone to get money.”

Kairo took to X with a photo of him with a lady pilot known as Iggy.

“Landed safely, her name is Iggy btw. Excellent pilot from Rwanda,” he captioned the photo.

He went ahead to advise men to visit Rwanda before they marry.

The photo came days after allegations that he broke up with his wife Cera Imani, who was not left behind in reacting to his photo with Iggy.

“I am happy for you,” she said.

Her comment is viewed in different ways by netizens. Some questioned her feelings towards the pilots while others admire her courage to speak out her feelings.

@nicksmesh: “Are you really happy for them.”

@Kells__K: “I truly salute you speaking with courage. Being happy for someone else is cool. Utapata mazuri mbele.

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