In a recent interview, musician Zikki asserts, while omitting specifics, that he was not paid royalties for the hit song “Take it Slow” featuring Jaguar.

When asked how much he made from the hit song, he replied, “Royalties, nothing! and I will close it there.”

He however admits that it was a nice experience to work with Jaguar saying it gave him exposure and growth.

“Is that enough to pay the bills,” the interviewer further probed. The artist laughed off saying, “Mwuulize. But its okay,” meaning that Jaguar would be best suited to answer the question.

Zikki, real name Maurice Bianju, and his band members formed their music group in February 2014. The band is made up of  Morris, Evans Macharia, Moses Otieno, and Kelvin Kamande and refers to their sound as “ZIKKIZA,” which literally means “listen and dance.”

One day, they were having a jam session at Mainswitch Studio’s fence when Jaguar drove by. After hearing their lyrics, he became intrigued. Take it slow was born out of it.

By then, the song was unfinished. Jaguar put down his verse and they hit the studio. It took a long time before they released the song. During this period, he learnt a great lesson on timing releases.

The genuine tale behind the song is about a young man from the ghetto who is attempting to capture the love of a woman from a wealthy family.

Bianju Morris is the lead vocalist in the band. He always loved music, even as a small child. When his parents departed for work, the household radio was always playing songs by E-sir.

His  father owned a club and he sampled all his music CDs for the club. His parents have always known he loves music and they supported him.

His father on the other hand, suggested that he study political science after high school. He had to tell him that he  intended to become a professional musician and that he would.

The hitmaker became a member of the Mavuno Mashariki Church choir and eventually started teaching Sunday school.

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