Azeezah Hashim, a renowned media personality, radio host, TV host, and social media influencer, has recently opened up about why she can never date a celebrity.

In a candid interview, she expressed her concerns about the challenges and pressures of being in a relationship with a high profiled individual.

Azeezah pointed out that men being afraid to date her due to the numerous admirers she attracts. She went ahead and asked that what if it was a male celebrity,  and that will he refuse the many women who wants him.

“Never, unajua sasa Mimi mtu ananiogopa juu anaona maboy wengi Wananitaka saa imagine boy mwenye madem wengi wanamtaka. Anaweza kataa kweli?” she remarked.

She said this to suggest that men are often seen as weak and unable to resist the attention of multiple women.

She further explained on the difficulties of having a celebrity as a partner, talking on the mental strain involved.

“Unajua Hawa macelebrities wanasumbua akili,” Azeezah said, emphasizing that she has no desire to be involved in the hardships of a celebrity relationship. “Mimi si taki,” she added firmly.

When asked what message she has for her future partner, Azeezah made a heartfelt promise.

“I am here babe. I can cook, clean and I can take care of you,” she assured.

Demonstrating her commitment to a future husband, she revealed that she would be willing to give up her media career to become a dedicated housewife

. “Na ukinioa tu hivi walahi Mimi naachana na hizi story za media nakuwa mkee nyumbani natulia hata siongei urbantone siimbi tena,” she vowed.

Her revelation shows her desire for a simpler, more personal relationship away by choosing a simple man rather than a celebrity.

Her willingness to leave behind her successful career for the sake of love and family speaks high about her values and priorities.


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