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Comedian Eric Omondi has finally cleared the amount of money that he owed  Public Service CS Moses Kuria.

Although he seemed to be advertising a money transfer app, Eric shared a video of himself handing Kuria several a thousand shilling notes

“Heshima idumu sasa,” Eric wrote.

“Today I have officially refunded Mheshimiwa all his money that he used to pay for my trip to the USA. Hio ingine nimemtumia na @officialpaysii Malipo ni hapa Duniani,” he added.



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In an interview with a local TV previously, Kuria revealed that he funded Eric’s trip to US but he regretted the move because of the comedian’s non-stop criticism towards the government.

“Nimeskia Eric Omondi ambaye amesema yeye ni kijana na miaka saba iliyopita nilichukua pesa yangu nikampeleka America ndio aone vile dunia iko na saa hii vile anaongea afadhali ningetumia hiyo pesa kwa sherehe sababu sioni kama kuna kitu alisoma” Kuria said.

Following the remarks, Eric vowed to pay the CS back every coin that he spend on the US trip, to avoid being embarrassed by him in future in front of his children. He later shared a screenshot of his Mpesa transaction showing a transfer of Ksh 126,000 to the CS  last year  on June 24.

Eric also demanded respect from the CS after paying him back.

He also revealed that if he paid it back, the politician won’t have leverage on him- whenever he mentioned he helped him, he (Eric Omondi) will proudly say he paid it back.

Here is how netizens have reacted to the video of Eric paying back the former Gatundu South MP.

Mukyundi Elisha: Wacha tulipane Hapa mbinguni tuendee tu hukumu
Hassan Khamis: Unaeza pata hiyo hela ilirudishwa when cameras were off
Prince Jere: Wangejua ni advert ya paysii 😂😂
Kijana ya  Moyale: Anything for clout

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