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Kenyan Dancehall artist KRG The Don has revealed that he has a wife and and the girlfriend reveal he did a while back on social media was just a public stunt.

In an interview with Obinna, KRG opened up about his recent antics, shedding light on what really went down. He admitted to promoting a Valentine’s Day event at Ibiza club, clarifying that his supposed introduction of a girlfriend was all part of the gig.

“Watu hawaku understand concept, that was a club gig, I was promoting valentines,” he explained.

Addressing the confusion around his relationship status, KRG emphasized that it was all work and people should understand the difference. He acknowledged Kenya’s penchant for gossip, suggesting that his stunt was a way to play into that. “Wakenya wanapenda udaku so you have to know how to play with them because wanataka story,” he said.

Despite the romantic captions on his Instagram posts with the supposed girlfriend, KRG revealed that he actually has a wife. He divorced Linah Wanjiru in 2022 and has since been with another woman, whom he referred to as his wife during the interview. He stressed that just because he didn’t announce it on social media doesn’t mean he’s single.

Regarding the timing of his reveal, KRG confessed that it was all planned out beforehand. “Bughaa alijipanga zamani,” he admitted, suggesting that his relationship status had been sorted for a while. He also confirmed that he’s had a wife for years, contrary to the impression created by his recent social media posts.

Known for his controversial antics and involvement in scandals, KRG’s latest move has sparked speculation among netizens. Many believe it’s simply another ploy for attention, especially since he recently released a new song. Critics suggest that he’s using these tactics to generate buzz because he lacks substantial content.

KRG’s recent revelation about his relationship status sheds light on his promotional strategies and penchant for stirring up controversy. While some may see it as a mere publicity stunt, others speculate about the motives behind his actions. Regardless, KRG remains a figure of interest in Kenya’s entertainment scene.


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