Kenyan dancehall artist Karuga Kimani AKA  KRG The Don has finally revealed the face of his mysterious girlfriend.

On Instagram, the musician posted a picture of him and his beautiful girlfriend holding hands.

KRG who recently dropped a song called “Time Bomb” with the internationally celebrated Jamaican Dancehall artist Konshen, captioned the photo “mama yao na #Bughaa”

Netizens are however not fully convinced that the photos that the father of four has been sharing online are of the person he revealed.

In previous photos that only captured the woman’s back,  she appears a bit darker than what was shared officially revealing her face where she is now lighter. Some had even suggested that the woman in question was his ex-wife and that they had reunited

Here are some of the reactions that the face reveal attracted;

@-.dfwmokua: kwani anachange color kama chameleon.

@mapettco: huyu ndio alipewa 2 million ama mkuna mwingine

@magdah.bienna: alipewa 2 million akableach

@-ma.lola-: picha moja n mweusi ingine ni mweupe ama ni melwa


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KRG who is considered one of the wealthiest young performers in Kenya introduced his girlfriend on social media recently without showing her face. She even gifted her with Kes 2million on valentines this year.

The controversial rapper  divorced from his ex-wife Linah in September 2022 and has since then introduced several girlfriends to the public. He at some point even went ahead to wish his 19-year-old girlfriend a happy birthday on his socials.

The “Mathogothanio” hitmaker has also in the recent past been faced with baby mama dramas as a several women appeared claiming to have his children. KRG however refuted those claims and confirmed that he has only sired 4 biological sons, whom he loves so much, with 3 baby mamas.

The recent developments of his new girlfriend’s face that has left many confused and they can only wait to see if its just clout for a new song about to be released or if he is just playing with people’s mindsets.



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