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A man has been arrested after allegedly storming into a police station and attacking two police officers with a panga in Kangema sub-county , Murang’a County.

The suspect is said to have stormed into Nyakahura Police Post to report a land dispute case against a neighbour where he found Corporal James Gitonga.

Gitonga the officer on duty was trying to guide the suspect on how to handle the matter, when the suspect reportedly removed a panga he had hidden and attacked him.

“He abruptly removed the panga he had hidden and aimed it on the head of the officer,” a police report said.

Sensing the danger, the officer protected himself with his left hand resulting to his middle finger being chopped off while his second finger sustained deep cuts.
The assailant, after realizing he had been discovered fled the scene of crime resulting to a police chase.
However, Police Constable John Kimathi successfully reached the suspect, and was able to subdue him but this led to a physical altercation. Kimathi sustained deep cuts on the left hand and right chest.

“After the assault, the assailant ran away and a chase ensued. In the process, the suspect turned to another officer identified as John Kimathi and severely cut him on the left hand and the right side of the chest,” the police report added.

The two officers are currently receiving treatment at Bliss Hospital  in Murang’a and where according to police are in a stable condition.

The 59-year-old suspect is in police custody awaiting trial.

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