Kenyans stranded at Strand Hotel in Jordan are seeking compensation after they were allegedly abandoned by Pastor Harrison Ng’ang’a  of the CFF church during a tour to Israel.

The group had paid for the trip, which accommodated even  non-church members.

During the preparations for the trip, there was an update of events, and a schedule was provided. Members were informed that they have been allowed to enter Israel as from June 1, 2024.

“Good morning and praise the Lord. This is an update to our forthcoming Israel trip. Following our previous meeting, we have been advised/cleared to enter Israel as from June 1, 2024. Consequently, we have chosen the June 1 to be our travelling date,” an update stated.

The announcement continued informing the members that they were to tour three countries.

“Again, we have rescheduled the trip and now we are travelling into 3 countries. That’s Egypt, Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan,” an update continued.

However, some of them were left stranded at Strand Hotel in Jordan and did not to proceed to Israel as expected. This is after some members were said to have gone missing.

Information from a group named ‘EGYPT-ISRAEL JUNE 2024’ shows a member by username ‘~monicawangui165’ pleading for a refund to be done.

“Mr Wambua, kindly remember tulilipa hii tour 300,000 na tumenyimwa haki yetu kwa sababu ya makosa isiyo yetu, mimi personally I was embarrassed by one your officers, i reported the issue bt nothing happened, right now tumefungiwa Jordan, bona msitafute wenye wamepotea. Mr Wambua I want my ticket today. this is not Godly this is not humanity

Other request that seems to come from the devastated members advises the organizers of the trip to save their reputation and listen to them.

“…protect the image of your company you have decided that the innocent be sacrificial lamps. I paid for this trip last year, and purely came with clean intentions, it’s very unfortunate you couldn’t listen to us. For everyone who has been taken back home innocently, it is well,” the information read.

An X user, @amakobejosphat, replied saying he’s part of the group that went for the trip. He revealed that one non-church member escaped after they arrived in Jericho.

“I am part of the team that has been in this journey. When we arrived to Jericho one Kenyan who was not a member of the church escaped. We later on proceeding to the hotel where we were to spend the night. This was in Bethlehem.”

According to the schedule shared earlier by the organizers of the trip, they were all going to travel in the same flight to and fro.

Neither the church or the preacher have issued an official response to the claims.

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