On their show Love in the Wild airing on Tv 47, DJ Mo revealed that Size 8 was way above his league when they met .

The father of two admitted  that the gospel singer turned pastor was humble enough to accommodate him and accepted what he had at that time .

The couple jokingly reminisced  the earlier days of dating, with Size 8 revealing that DJ Moh only had a car and a house as empty as a hall.

“Aaah ulikuwa tu na kagari nyumba ilikuwa as empty as a hall,” she said laughing.

Dj Mo added that he met his wife at her prime time,  admitting she was well off financially unlike him at that time .

He shared how he took her out on a date to celebrate her first birthday while together at Eka hotel along Mombasa road and the bill made him sweat .

However, he advised men to save sometimes and take their loved ones out adding that it feels good to treat a woman good once in a while .

In a previous episode of the show,  Size 8 revealed a tumultuous period where divorce seemed imminent, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship.


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The mother of two even took the significant step of consulting a divorce lawyer, expressing her intent to separate and take custody of their children.

“I reached a place where I felt hopeless, where I saw a point of no return, and I think depression kind of kicked in. So I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out, so I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want to divorce, I want to take the children, so I asked him to start considering the paperwork,” Size 8 said.



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