Baba Jimmy

Content creator Baba Jimmy took to social media to explain to fans why he does not let Mama Jimmy touch his phone.

In the video, he clarifies that he won’t let Mama Jimmy touch his phone out of concern that she could damage the screen.

Additionally, he mentioned that he decided not to let her touch his phone because when compared to hers, hers is dirtier.

”Kitu yenye staki ashike simu yanngu ni staki apasue alafu we unajua simu yake hukua tu chafu,, ata sahi imengarako kidogo,” he said

Baba Jimmy went on to say that Mama Jimmy often touches her phone with greasy hands, even when she’s preparing chapati.

”Unajua ata anaweza kuwa akipika chapati, anashika tu simu hivo na mafuta ama sijui nini hiyo sasa sitaki ashikako simu yangu,” he continued.

Mama Jimmy finally gained her voice and began claiming that her husband was falsely accusing her and that her phone, as seen on the video, was clean.

”Si unaonako simu yangu ni safi ni anawadanganyako,” she said a bit agitated.

Before Baba Jimmy could continue talking, she quickly reprimanded him and told him to stop disgracing her in front of her fans.

However, there was a mixed response from internet users to the video in the comments area. Some said that the reason is suspicious and that he might be hiding something.

”You saw the red flags baby..” a fan commented while another added, ” Anakuchezako haya”

Some fans were concerned for Mama Jimmy as they believed there was a bigger issue than just dirtifying the phone.

” Mama Jimmy unachezwa,” one wrote and ” Mama Jimmy unaamini issue ni uchafu tu,” another added

Another section of fans compared their content to the Bahati’s  as they preferred Baba Jimmy’s content to the Bahati’s.

”I’d choose this over the Bahati’s anyday,” a fan commented.

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