A Facebook user identified as Moses Mkenya has confronted Safaricom, wondering why his grandmother’s Fuliza limit is more than his.

In his message, he lamented that as a youth, he was suffering, urging Safaricom to rectify the issue.

“Nyinyi huwa mnatutesa kama mayouths. Fuliza ya my grandma who’s over 80years old inachezea 4k, yangu mimi ni 2500, aai bana angalieni hii maneno,” he said.

Responding to the concern, Safaricom however explained that there are various things to be considered before in the review of loans.

“Fuliza is a social collateral service that allocate a loan at a bank’s discretion. That means it depends on your usages, timely repayments of any loans like M-shwari as well as longterm savings with no withdrawals of the of the funds saved for over a longer period of time in M-shwari. This way you will have a positive review of the loan limit,” the service provider explained.

On the same post, another Kenyan expressed concerns about his M-shwari loan limit.

“Tunzaingatia matumizi ya laini yako upande wa huduma za M-pesa na huduma za safaricom kama datamjazo na SMS. Pia unastahili kulipa okoa jahazi bila kuchelewa. Hivi ndio baadhi ya vituhuzingatiwa na benki ili kupewa kiwango cha kukopa,” Safaricom responded.




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