Renowned Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo, known for his insightful reporting and captivating storytelling, has once again captured global attention.

As a CNN correspondent, Madowo’s influence transcends borders, and his recent interaction with Nigerian music sensation Tiwa Savage has sparked excitement across social media platforms.

In a video shared on his social media pages, Madowo teased fans with a sneak peek of their encounter, referring to Tiwa Savage as ‘The queen herself’ with the caption, “Cooking something with Tiwa Savage, are you ready?” This playful hint left followers eagerly anticipating the duo’s collaboration.

The senior bachelor, who has been rumuored to be romantically linked with fellow journalist Edith Kimani, typically keeps his love life private and has neither confirmed nor denied these claims. Currently in West Africa, he was spotted attending a friend’s wedding, where he was seen generously celebrating with friends.

Netizens couldn’t resist commenting on his video witrh Tiwa, with some poking fun at Madowo’s singing abilities and speculating that he might just be Tiwa Savage’s backup dancer in their collaboration. Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna also chimed in cheekily, reminding Madowo of the country’s anticipation, saying, “Omwami taifa zima linakutegemea.”

Fans echoed Sifuna’s sentiment, urging the jopurnalist not to disappoint, with one user, @jeffndubi, urging him not to let them down, and another, @iam-amoschumba, reminding him that he carries the nation’s flag.

@jeffndubi : i hope ulisoma message ya senator Sifuna. usituangushe

@iam-amoschumba: you’re carrying the flag of the whole nation, don’t let us down.

Some observant fans couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between Tiwa Savage and Kenyan journalist Yvonne Okwara, prompting playful comments speculating on their connection.

@sallybakehouse: okwarayvonne comme see your  twin sister

@princewillie001: hii ni mapenzi mnapika ivo.

With anticipation building and fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of Madowo and Tiwa Savage’s interaction, the online buzz surrounding this unexpected pairing continues to grow.


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