Joe Mfalme

Following the recent ruling by the Kibera Law Courts charging Allan Ochieng’, also known as Hype Ballo, for the murder of DCI officers Felix Kelian Kitosi, fans and friends have rallied behind him, proclaiming his innocence.

With hashtags like #freeballo, #justiceforballo, and #hypeballoisinnocent, they’ve taken to social media to voice their support, believing he’s unfairly charged while others have been set free.

Mfalme and six others were arrested in connection with the killing of Kitosi, a senior DCI detective stationed at Dagoretti. Preliminary investigations suggested Kelian died from injuries sustained during a road rage incident involving DJ Mfalme, his crew, and police officers from Kikuyu, Kiambu.

On Monday, April 8, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) informed the court of the investigation findings, proposing Joe Mfalme as a state witness and Allan Ochieng as the murder suspect. This decision sparked disappointment from the family’s representative, Jacqueline Koin, who expressed concern that co-suspects were set free and turned into state witnesses. She revealed they had spoken to Kelian before his passing, and he allegedly disclosed being beaten by multiple individuals.

Speaking outside Kibera Law Courts, Koin stated, “Our Felix didn’t die immediately, he was taken to the cell after being beaten and released to the hospital the next day. We spoke to him and we know for a fact because he talked to us that he was beaten by more than one person.”

DJ Joe, upon his release, thanked his supporters and assured continued support for Allan Ochieng’s case. “We have advised our legal representatives to follow up with Allan Ochieng’s case and provide legal assistance,” his statement read.

Allan Ochieng had been DJ Joe’s official master of ceremony, accompanying him to all his events, and also served as a radio presenter for NRG Radio.

As the legal proceedings continue, supporters remain vocal on social media, demanding justice for Allan Ochieng and maintaining their belief in his innocence. The case continues to draw attention as the community awaits further developments.


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