In today’s digital realm, Pastor Kanyari, a figure known for his controversial past, has sparked a fresh wave of attention. This time, however, it’s not for his usual antics but for an unexpected act of generosity on TikTok.

Transitioning from the traditional pulpit to the virtual stage of TikTok, Pastor Kanyari has found a new platform to share his message.

Unlike his previous endeavours, where controversies often overshadowed his ministry, his presence on TikTok has been marked by a different approach.

During one of his recent live streams, Pastor Kanyari caught the audience off guard with an act of kindness.

Tizian, a prominent TikToker, reached out to him, seeking prayers for his waning stardom. In his trademark style, Tizian humorously implored, “pastor pray for me, nirudishie nyota. Nataka nyota.”

Responding to Tizian’s plea, Pastor Kanyari engaged in a dialogue, highlighting the spiritual significance of restoring one’s “star.”

However, amidst the exchange, Pastor Kanyari made an unexpected request for an offering, stating, “I don’t pray for people who don’t send offerings. Utatuma nini?”

Despite Tizian’s plea of financial constraint, Pastor Kanyari’s response took an altruistic turn. Instead of insisting on an offering, he surprised Tizian by offering him financial support.

Displaying an unexpected gesture of goodwill, Pastor Kanyari proceeded to send Tizian a substantial sum of money, initially offering 30,000 Ksh.

However, Tizian, recognizing the potential of the moment, boldly requested an even larger amount, stating that Kshs50,000 would significantly aid him.

Without hesitation, Pastor Kanyari acquiesced, promptly sending the requested sum. Tizian, visibly grateful, acknowledged the receipt of the funds, showcasing the transaction to his audience.

This act of generosity was not an isolated incident. Pastor Kanyari revealed in a subsequent livestream that he had garnered over 400,000 Ksh through TikTok gifts.

Contrary to his past controversies, this influx of funds was intended for philanthropic purposes, as he expressed his intention to donate the entire sum to a children’s home.

Despite the skepticism surrounding his past, Pastor Kanyari’s presence on TikTok has sparked conversations about redemption and reinvention in the digital age.

He recently addressed the infamous ‘Mbegu ya 310’ controversy, shedding light on the motives behind his plea for financial contributions from his followers and admitting to exploiting his followers with Sh310 scheme.

Speaking at his Salvation Healing Ministry church in Nairobi, Kanyari revealed that his call for Sh310 donations was driven by a desperate desire to escape poverty rather than the promise of miracles.

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