In Kenya’s music scene, transitions are often the heartbeat of creativity. Recently, a seismic shift occurred as Nviiri the Storyteller, a prominent figure under Sol Generation, decided to embark on a solo journey after five years of collaboration.

Nviiri’s decision, announced on Instagram with the hashtag “THE GENESIS,” marked the beginning of a new chapter in his musical odyssey.

In a heartfelt statement addressed to his fans and music enthusiasts, he expressed immense gratitude for the support and mentorship received from Sol Generation and Sauti Sol.

With a dedicated fanbase and a string of successful contributions to Sol Generation’s music library, Nviiri’s departure was met with a mix of nostalgia and excitement. But his vision for the future was crystal clear.

To support his solo venture, Nviiri assembled a dynamic management team, each member bringing a unique set of skills and experience to the table.

Maisha Wirth, his immediate manager, would spearhead his artistic vision, while Jamie Alderson, the international manager, aimed to broaden Nviiri’s reach beyond borders. Indiya Oliver, the bookings manager, would navigate Nviiri’s busy schedule with precision and finesse.

In his statement, Nviiri radiated optimism, inviting fans to join him on this new journey filled with endless possibilities. With love and gratitude, he toasted to “THE GENESIS,” promising nothing less than awesomeness in the chapters to come.

The news rippled through the music community, eliciting an outpouring of support from fellow artists and fans alike.

Bien, a former member of Sauti Sol, offered words of encouragement, while fans flooded social media with messages of goodwill and anticipation.

 Fans echoed Bien’s sentiments, expressing their unwavering support for Nviiri’s new venture:

@okellomax: “fly champ fly”

@pascaltokodi: “all the best”

@cedric-chamwada-chagwi: “sisi kama ma fans we approve and wish you the very best sir”

@mano-blvk: “only way is up. very very excited for your new journey”

@chebetkipingor: “super proud of you and wishing success to you and your team as you embark on this new chapter. GOD IS WITH YOU.”

@licksin_karey: “All the best. so beautiful to witness growth.”

As Nviiri the Storyteller sets sail on his solo expedition, the music world awaits with bated breath, eager to witness the evolution of an artist and the birth of a new musical legacy.


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