Its over five  years since Pastor Victor Kanyari and his ex Betty Bayo got divorced and Kanyari admits that no woman has ever shown interest in him.

In a recent live session on TikTok, the father of two wondered why  that he was happening to him.

Taking it positively, he however noted that it is the reason he never finds himself in scandals that involve women.

“Sina bahati ya kupendwa na wanawake. Hata katika ministry yangu hakuna wasichana huwa wananicrushia, I don’t know why. Ndio maana sipatangi scandal ya wanawake. Scandal  zangu zinakuanga mambo ya pesa lakini sijawahiambiwa mambo ya wanawake sijui kwa nini. Sasa ukisema Kanyari unapenda pesa we unachukia pesa? Tuseme ukweli,” he said.

The controversial prophet joined TikTok recently and he has been going on live sessions, which has been earning him money in form of gifts.

“I am not here because of money. I am not here because I receive gifts. I am here because I love TikTok and want to pray for the sick and kids. There are people who are being oppressed by the devil, others have problems, and others are living abroad but have no joy. I am here to pray for those people,” he said previously.

In the sessions, Kanyari urges the audiences to gift him and in return, he blesses them.

“Take whatever you have, the gift in your possession please send it and I will clap my hands and speak blessings upon you,” the prophet said in another session.

According to him, he has so far made Kshs400,000 from the platform, which he plans to donate to a children’s home

“I have made over KSh 400,000, which I have been given for free,”  he said.

“That’s my role. Imagine. Do you want me to leave TikTok, and people are offering offerings? Do you want me to leave so you can remain on TikTok and get all the money alone? I am not leaving.”

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