Mordecai of Hart the Band, well know as  Dex, has officially joined the vibrant musical family of Sol Generation on a one year publishing deal.

This  collaboration brings hope to redefine Kenya’s music scene as he embarks on his  journey with Sol Generation.This is a bold step taken by the artist and it is will commence a new musical era.

“Welcome to the family @mordecai_dex 🙌🏿🎵🎉Kenyan Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Mordecai ‘DEX’ Mwini has officially joined Sol Generation Publishing, on a 3️⃣ Year Deal 🤝🏿.We are beyond excited to begin this new journey with you. Cheers!” Sol Generation shared online.

Dex who is well know for his  soulful vocals and charismatic stage presence, expressed enthusiasm about the new chapter in his career. Sol Generation, a powerhouse in the Kenyan music industry led by celebrated artists Sauti Sol, welcomed Dex with open arms, recognizing his immense talent and the fresh energy he brings to the collective.

Bien-Aimé Baraza, a member of Sauti Sol and co-founder of Sol Generation, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Dex brings a fresh perspective to the Sol Generation family, and we can’t wait to create magic together. This marks a significant moment for Kenyan music.”

Savara on the other hand, reacted with fire emoticons.

The fusion of Dex’s unique musical style with Sol Generation’s signature sound is anticipated to produce great hits and push creative boundaries. Fans of both H_ART the Band and Sol Generation are eagerly awaiting the collaboration of these musical forces.

The move comes at a time when artists are increasingly exploring collaborations to diversify their creative portfolios and reach broader audiences. Dex’s transition to Sol Generation is not just a shift in labels but a strategic move to explore new musical dimensions and contribute to the evolving Kenyan music landscape.

As Dex begins this exciting journey with Sol Generation, fans are buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming releases and the promise of chart-topping hits from this fusion of talent and creativity. Stay tuned for the musical magic that Dex and Sol Generation are set to unleash upon the airwaves. Fans are anticipating great music ,taking Kenya to the world.

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