Popular comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has faulted Jalang’o over his remarks on content creators concerning the proposed 15% tax.

Jalango  recently, through his YouTube channel, said  that it’s the content creators who attracted the 15% tax proposal by constantly showcasing their wealth on social media.

“How do I convince the government or the people who do not understand content creation, that content creators don’t have money and you are not able to pay the 15 per cent tax when what you show out there is that you are millionaires?” he posed.

Responding to the lawmaker, Njugush has denied allegations that content creators make a lot of money, saying that that is just a false narrative going around. He added  that some of the lifestyle that content creators flaunt on social media is for advertising purposes. According to him, a lot of people of people showcase their lifestyle online but they are not being questioned by the government.

“There’s a narrative that is sold that content creators make so much money. However that is unfair. I saw Jalang’o say a lot of us are showing cars. But he didn’t mention a lot of us are also posting pay bills saying Maisha imewaendea mrama. It’s not true, there’s money but not in that magnitude. When we have pastors going in chase cars no one ever looks at that” said Njugush.

The sensational Comedian however explained that content creators are not entirely against being taxed. According to him, they only want the percentage to be reduced from 15% to a reasonable amount.

“What I was fighting for is 15 % is too much, other professions are paying 5%. Kwani sisi content creators tunatoa wapi pesa. It is unfair especially to those people who are showing off wealth, they have other ways of paying tax already, you cannot be that wealthy na KRA hawajakutafuta,” he added.



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