In the realm of comedy, Njugush is a force to be reckoned with. His infectious humour and relatable sketches have won the hearts of many.

Njugush however recently found himself in an unexpected situation when President William Ruto revealed that  he earns more money than him. With his characteristic wit and candidness, Njugush spoke out against the misleading narrative, shedding light on the truth.

“I have a sneaky suspicion that someone has been reading my bank statements upside down. If I were to earn as much as the president claims, I’d be swimming in a pool of cash by now!” the father of two said.

Njugush went on to clarify that the president’s assertion was far from the truth. He emphasised that as a content creator, his earnings were based on multiple sources.

While he acknowledged that he had achieved a certain level of success, Njugush made it clear that his income was nowhere near the figures quoted by President Ruto.


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Njugush also emphasised the need for politicians to focus on pressing issues affecting the nation rather than engaging in unnecessary comparisons and false claims.

“There are urgent matters that require our leaders’ attention, such as healthcare, education, and job creation,” he stated.

“As a comedian, I strive to bring laughter and joy to people’s lives, but I also believe in using my platform to address social issues that impact our society,”he added.

Njugush’s decision to speak out against President Ruto’s misleading narrative has sparked conversations about the responsibility of leaders to be honest and transparent. Many individuals commended the comedian for using his voice to challenge falsehoods and promote a culture of integrity.

Njugush has proven that humour and social commentary can go hand in hand.

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