Dancehall artist KRG The Don has broken silence after an 18-year old man surfaced, claiming that he is his son.

Through an Instagram post, KRG asked people to stop the trend because they are hurting him.

He also maintained that he is a biological father of four boys only whom he has never neglected.

“Hii tabia watu wameanza kukua nayo ya kusema I’m their Biological father should stop now coz you are hurting my feelings🥹 mimi sio baba yenu bwana!!! I have only sired 4 Boys that I love with all my heart and support their livelihood 100%,” the artist wrote.


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The 18-year old identified as Brighder had an affair with his mother who is a Tanzanian. His mother however told him the that KRG is his real father after he was exposed by Susan Kinyanjui for neglecting his 19-year old daughter Yvonne.

“My mom is a Tanzanian but amenilea Kenya. Kupata sheng nimepatia Kenya. My life nimespend Kenya, nimesoma Kenya, kila kitu nimefanya Kenya. Ametokea Moshi, a place called Mwika,” he sDad my mom huwa anashindaga akisema ni a Kenyan and also like huwa anasemanga ni a big artiste. Then sa from there huwa ananyamaza. But sasa last week ndio kulikua na issues ju aliniambia my dad anatrend na story za watoi huko Kenya,” he said in an interview.



He added that he is ready to undertake a DNA  test and provide all documents to prove that KRG is his father. At the same time, he insisted that he is not after his money but only his recognition.

Meanwhile, KRG is yet to solve Yvonnes’ matter. Yvonnes’s  mother insists that he is the father and he recently took a reporter to where she allegedly got pregnant in Ndumberi.

KRG has however denied siring Yvonne multiple times, saying that he doesn’t know Susan. He also said that he was still young whem Yvonne was conceived and born.


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