Nimo, the spouse of Mr. Seed, emphasized in an interview that she and Diana Bahati get along well and don’t have any animosity against one another.

On Thursday, June 6, Nimo Gachuri and Diana Marua were seen having a friendly conversation during the Bahati Empire reality TV premiere.

Several celebrities, including Nimo and her husband Mr. Seed, were invited to the function.

She also wished Diana Bahati continued success and success in all her endeavors.

‘We don’t have any bad blood,” she stated when asked if she and Diana are friends. ” All the best and keep on soaring higher,”


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In response to inquiries regarding their spouses’ current situation, Mr. Seed and Bahati, their spouses, stated that they had reconciled.

The spouses of well-known singers Bahati and Mr. Seed fought at some point in 2019 when Diana Marua reported Nimo to the police for having a coffee station set up at Bahati’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

In an interview from 2022, Diana also discussed their friendship and stated that there is no hatred among them.

“People make mistakes and with time, you come to realise maybe you were not mature enough to handle it.”

“Life teaches us lessons differently, we have never met after that incident. This is the first time I am meeting her and I’m happy. I have no beef with her,” she said.

When Kioko spoke with Nimo, he refuted Diana’s assertions that they were still in contact and had reconciled.

“Like being honest we have never talked for like two years we have never spoken, we have never met in person.”

Supporters who have been pleading with the two ex-friends to reach out like their spouses have will probably be thrilled by this.

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