The entertainment industry in Kenya is moving to another level  following the launch of a new reality TV show, “Bahati’s Empire,” featuring popular celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua.

Bahati’s Empire, which is now available on Netflix, marks a significant milestone in the couple’s career and the Kenyan entertainment landscape.

The announcement of the show came after a dramatic plot by Bahati and Diana that grabbed and maintained fans attention.

Bahati and Diana Marua stirred public by pretending to have broken up, sharing messages and emotional posts on their social media platforms.

It all started by both the couples unfollowing each other, then Bahati posted a picture of Diana being together with Victor Wanyama the football star. He also shared a picture of his ex captioned, “I wish I knew.” The caption was to show regret to leaving her for Diana.

This clever publicity lead to the grand revelation of their new venture, catching many by surprise.

“Bahati’s Empire” promises to give viewers an intimate look into the lives of the couple, showcasing their journey as partners and parents, their challenges, and their triumphs as well as Malaika’s Face Reveal.” This means that nothing is left out the good, the bad and the ugly are all unveiled in the show.

The show is expected to blend elements of family life, music, and entrepreneurship, reflecting the dynamic nature of Bahati and Diana’s lives.

Being the first ever Kenyan reality show on Netflix, the launch  of Bahati’s Empire attracted numerous creatives and artists from across the country.

The venue was graced by notable figures in the music and entertainment industry, making it a night to remember.

Speaking at the launch, The deputy president Rigathi Gachagua shared his love for music. He went ahead mentioning that he is a great fan of Prezzo. In his revelation he said,

“By the way Prezzo Iam your fan I listen to your music.” This was followed by applause from the crowd. He then continued. “And by the way many people don’t know me. Mimi ni mtu ya mziki, I love music because it is soothing to the heart and the soul.”

Bahati’s Empire inclusion on Netflix is a big achievement, showing the growing recognition of Kenyan content on international streaming platforms.

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