In a heated exchange that has captured the attention of many, renowned entrepreneur and musician KRG the Don, also known as Bughaaa, along with fellow artist Dufla, have responded forcefully to criticisms from Ntazola Gloria, popularly known as Kanjo Lady.

This exchange began when Ntazola Gloria commented on the fashion choices of celebrities who attended the launch of The Bahati Empire, an event hosted by musician Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua. The Bahati Empire is the first Kenyan reality show to reach Netflix, a great milestone for the couple.

KRG the Don addressed the criticism stating, “Bleached out gal you can’t understand my music. My music is for open minded people not for poverty striken people like yours. Chilling with big names isn’t called groupie it is called lifestyle. I know you can’t understand that!!!”

He continued, “On behalf of all the celebrities who attended the launch, know they didn’t have enough time to get nice dress and suits because everyone was informed a day before the event.”

KRG said this after Ntazola claimed that his music career was dead and all he was doing was taking photos with foreign artists instead of working on it

Dufla also on the other hand did not say quiet, he responded to Kanjo lady saying,

“Sasa huyu dime bleacher anajiita Ntazola sijui Gloria amekaa chini akacheki sisi wote tulienda kusupport Bahati na Diana kwa launch ya The Bahati Empire hatujui fashion ni nini? First huyo dime ni nani? Alitrend na story ya Kanjo anaona ako na audacity ya kukosoa manyota wa kisasa. Please someone advise that girl kabla apunguze cream ya bleaching ama tumtume Congo kwa wenzake.”

The clash has ignited a debate on social media, with fans and followers taking sides. Some people even suggested that Krg would call for a fight with Gloria to quell their disagreement just like the how he accepted Andrew Kibe’s challenge in order to squash their beef.The exchange shows the often volatile nature of celebrity interactions.

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