In a recent revelation, music star Bahati has disclosed that the production of his family’s reality TV series, “Bahati Empire,” cost approximately 47 million Kenyan Shillings.

As the show gains popularity, They are already looking ahead to the second season with ambitions of doubling the production budget to 100 million Kenyan Shillings.

“The cost of production was around 47 million, so for season 2, we were looking at going a notch higher, maybe 100 million,” Bahati stated in a candid interview.

When told that the series is the most expensive family reality show in the country, Bahati responded,

“Bro, don’t talk about expenses, talk about the entertainment.” He stated. “Right now, it’s time to move from other stations to Netflix.” He advised.

The show offers a glimpse into the lives of Bahati and his family, has quickly become a fan favorite, captivating audiences with its raw and real portrayal of their day-to-day experiences. It is now already gaining more popularity in South Africa.

The show’s success is a testament to the high production values and the compelling content that keeps viewers engaged.

Diana Marua, Bahati’s partner, also shared her thoughts on the show, revealing her most cherished episode. She said,

“My favorite episode is episode 4 and yet my very vulnerable episode.” She also went ahead revealing the name of his favourite episode in the series.

“The name of episode 4 is ‘Who Is Diana.'”

While  its first season continues to entertain the audiences, there is already anticipation for the second season . With plans to elevate the show’s production even further, fans can expect more thrilli episodes and deeper insights into the lives of one of Kenya’s most beloved families.

The move to Netflix could significantly expand their audience, potentially making “Bahati Empire” a global sensation.

For now, viewers can continue to enjoy the first season, eagerly awaiting what promises to be an even more spectacular second season with more details about the Bahatis’.

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