Major Nameye Khadija popularly known by his stage name Mejja has hinted that there might be trouble in his relationship of close to two years.

Speaking to various online media, the artist was questioned about the status of his relationship with a reference on his recent song Punguza ego.

“There is a song that you released a few days ago dubbed, ‘Punguza Ego’, following this we want to know lini shemeji?” one of the YouTubers posed.

Responding to him, Mejja chuckled and further said that he needs therapy.

“Heeh! Uhm hiyo sector, ndio nataka kuenda therapy…” Mejja said.

The content creators further sought clarification wondering if Mejja’s girlfriend was still present.

“Hapana, si ata hayuko. What I can say… well let me just say it is complicated, wacha niwache hivyo,” he said.

Mejja’s girlfriend Zuri Ray


He went ahead to imply that his girlfriend might be unfaithful. Mejja said  that he believes that a woman is only yours when you are with her, and that you can’t really know if she’s yours until you’ve been together for 5-10 years.

“Mimi husema hivi, mpaka ukae na dame miaka tano au kumi hivi ndio unaweza kuja hapa usema ni wako. Lakini manzi ni wako akiwa kwako, akitoka nje ni mali ya umma. Sasa ni kama kuniuliza kama Uhuru Park ni yangu, si ni ya umma? Hadi upate title deed ndio unaweza sema Uhuru Park ni yako but until then ni mali ya umma,” he noted.

7 months ago in a different interview, the artist had said that he was unsure if he’d end up marrying his current girlfriend since ‘Kanairo Dating’ is not easy.

“You cannot know what will happen in this city. You have to be open-minded but I love her so much,” he said.

It is unclear what the future holds for Mejja’s relationship, but his comments suggest that things are not as rosy as they once were.



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