Madtraxx has come out to explain circumstances that led to the split of The Kansoul.

The group was composed of Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora but the trio silently split and went their separate ways.

Speaking to Iko Nini Podcast, Madtraxx he greatly differed with Mejja on music production. According to him, he wanted to experiment music while Mejja’s intention was solely to produce hit songs.

“Whereas  I am ready to experiment music, Mejja is…I can’t claim to know his whole background, but Meja is probably for his family including his mum, his brother so if its to make music its to make hits we have to make hits no time for experimenting. Whereas I, the reasons why I got to music were to elevate the game now when everyone was doing what we were doing, now it has been called gengetone, this is now a formula, a template, now me I can’t stand starting from a template, that just can’t happen where I am going to do this thing again. But you see for Mejja he wants another nyongwa, he wants another nini like its now. Me I can experiment hii ishike wasee waget vibe,” he said.

Citing their hit song No woman no party, Madtraxx said that Mejja was not convinced that the song was big.

“‘No Woman No Party’ was a fictional song created by the Kansoul. Kora and I believed in it, but Mejja just loves the song but doesn’t think this is a song we should be shooting a video for. I was willing to take musical risks, but he was not,” he said.

He also addressed Kid Kora’s allegations of not being appreciated by the group.

“I don’t know why he didn’t feel appreciated but to be honest, when he said that I was thrown off. Korra came on my ticket for him to say all those things, I felt a certain way about it but the best I found life is much sweeter when you forgive so I have forgiven the guy for what he said,” Madtraxx said.


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