Comedian and social media influencer Nasra Yusuff, has opened up on how she struggled to believe in herself last year.

Nasra said that she thought that she had lost it all and would cry to herself every night. This was in November 2022.

“At a certain point in my life, I thought I had lost it all. And its true I did lose it all. It wasn’t easy for me. I was crying alone every night asking myself where did I go wrong,” she shared on Instagram.

The comedienne revealed that MC Jessy stood with her and encouraged her during the difficult moments. She went ahead to share the screen shorts of the messages that he send her, saying she was grateful to him. S

“You must make a deliberate decision to let it remain in the past. You must deliberately tell yourself ‘Its my time’ then move without looking back. You must deliberately be committed to yourself in making a better you. You must know who you want to be so you can move in the direction of the person you want to be,” Mc Jessy wrote to her.

Nasra however says that she came out of the situation strong, and she is now in a better place. She also thanked those who stood with her and went on to encourage those going through hard times.

“But I rose from that and emerged the victor. If you are going through tough time please hang there it will be beautiful one,” Nasra said.

“Thought of sharing that to cheer someone on and hope they never give up. I know everything is hard now, but it will be okay. I love you guys so much, ” she added.






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