Trevor Ombija

Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija left netizens talking on Tuesday after revealing that he is a father.

The journalist took to Instagram and unleashed a photo of his son’s hand touching him.

“I think Trevor Jr. was trying to tell me something on #Fathersday but I don’t speak “Baby” too well, so he resorted to hand signals. There’s no kind of love like a parent’s love, this I can say without fear of contradiction,” he captioned the photo.

trevor ombija

A lot of women were left with broken hearts as they knew that the hunk journalist is single after suffering a painful breakup in 2021.

Trevor Ombija has however opened up on his family, revealing that he is happily married and with a 3-month old son. According to him, he met his wife just after sharing his breakup story but she is a person he had known.

“At 36 years old, I yearned to escape the clutches of loneliness. I had grown weary of my solitary existence. Little did I know, love was waiting in the wings, silently beckoning me. I met her way after the interview, but I knew her, Sometimes good things are close to us, but we don’t see,” Trevor said in an interview with a local news site.

He added that he prefers to keep his family and others aspects of his life private considering opinions that come with publicising them.

“It is very important to keep some things under cover since everyone has something to say,” the father of one said.

Trevor Ombija further shared a message for those who are wondering how he moved on so fast.

“To those asking, ‘You said you are single, how have you moved on that fast?’ First of all, that was two years ago, and so that is not the point since, at some point, as human beings, we definitely heal, and life has to move on!” he said.

In 2021, Trevor revealed that his partner dumped him after being together for 10 years and he had cleared her dowry.

“I was badly heartbroken, I am single, not looking. I need to fix myself first. Everybody deserves the best version of the other person.Don’t go into a relationship when you are broken. Right now I will admit it. I am from a relationship that lasted 10 years. It is one of those relationships that were over, then they are back again I actually took dowry to her home on December 5, 2015, then akaniacha. She said that she needs to find herself,” he said then.



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