Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has revealed that her baby daddy Samidoh is seriously investing in the education of their children.

During the launch of The Bahatis’ reality show on Netflix, Nyamu talked about the expensive international school her children attend, admitting that the entertainment industry pays well.

“My kids are in International school, the best in the country and the fees is being paid by a creative, si Mnajua baba ya watoto wangu? So you guys have a great potential in the industry just like my husband Samidoh,” she said in her speech

The controversial senator also acknowledged the power of hard work in the entertainment industry as she recognised Butita’s hard work that has landed him to places.

“Butita, you are also another industry leader that the country is looking up to, push, dont just go laughing with President enjoying, you have an agenda and dont forget, and keep pushing,” Nyamu said.

DP Rigathi Gachagua was among the high profile  individuals who also graced the event

In his speech, Gachagua expressed his admiration for the Bahati family and the broader creative community.

 “I was informed about this last night… I was in the village. And when I was told of this event, I traveled back to be with our young people and artists. To tell them that Kenya loves you. You don’t know what you do to our souls.

“You guys go out of your way to think through and come up with artwork to keep us laughing and happy. I salute you. I am thrilled to sit among great minds and creative minds. Congratulations, Diana and Bahati, for this… You too have broken unpenetrated borders, placing our country on Netflix through ‘The Bahati Empire,” Gachagua added

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