Oliver Otieno, aka YY, one of Kenya’s top stand-up comedians has admitted opening up about his feeling for Marya on their first date.

The comedian remembers very well where they first met for a date. It was at Arte Cafe Garden City.

It was here where YY openly expressed his intentions to have Marya by his side for the rest of his life. He was straightforward about his desire, and he wanted to settle down with her.

Oliver Otieno said he believes in seizing opportunities without wasting time, that’s why he didn’t beat around the bush when opening up to Marya.

He wanted to be sure about her before investing his emotions and finances in the relationship.

Before that, Otieno and Okoth were friends, something that changed right after this Cafe date.

However, Marya was not swayed immediately with his words. She requested some time to think about the request.

YY was surprised that Marya didn’t need as much time as he thought she would. She eventually gave in and accepted to move in with the influencer.

“That’s what real men do.. Real men know what they want. If you play hard to get you just keep playing. I was ready to settle, I had gone through faces of life. I was ready, I don’t want to waste a lot of time I just want to now you know what go date and the person that says yes,.. I’ll do it with people I like… at arte Cafe garden city,” he said

Marya Okoth is a brand influencer and an actress as well. This among other things is what impressed YY during their first date.

During the interview, the actress admitted to falling for YY without hesitation because she felt a connection with him the moment they met.

It was during COVID, and she trusted him not to have the virus during the pandemic.

The brand influencer went ahead to praise her husband saying he is a man of determination and ability to pursue what he wants.

She recalled how fast-moving things did from that first date to her moving into YY’s place.

Jokingly, she confessed not to understand how quickly she found him funny and interesting.

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