Rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini aka CMB Prezzo collapsed during the premiere The Bahati Empire, a reality show by Bahati and his wife Diana Marua.

Social media users have been sharing a video of unfortunate incident, where security officers and attendees were captured helping the performer.

Neither Prezzo’s management nor the event organisers have issued a statement addressing the incident, leaving fans more anxious.

A section of netizens have however pointed out that Prezzo was not handled in accordance after he collapsed.

“First Aid lessons should be a must. Event organizers need ambulances on-site. What happened to Prezzo was risky. Someone has a seizure, and people just say “oh my God” with no idea what to do, but they have cameras,” an X user said.

Another wrote, “Yaani CMB Prezzo fainted at the launch of the Bahati’s Reality TV Show Yesterday where DP Rigathi Gachagua was gracing the Occasion. Mnaona aje hiyo First Aid Prezzo alipewa?”


The momentous night for Bahati and his wife Diana Marua was exciting and fun-filled.

The occasion was a lavish feast that signalled the beginning of the Bahatis’ new empire. an unprecedented reality series that premieres on Netflix on June 7th.

Prominent individuals attended The Bahati’s empire’s premiere launch at Westwood Hotel, located off Peponi Road on Eldama Ravine Road.

Celebrities such as Prezzo, media personality Betty Kyallo, Terrence the Creative and his wife, Karen Nyamu, Jalang’o, and KRG the Don,  were among those in attendance, including Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

In his speech, Gachagua urged artists to rise above cyberbullying, drawing similarities between their struggles and those faced by politicians.

“Most of you artists, like us politicians, go through hell through cyber bullying,” Gachagua remarked, highlighting the intense criticism and online harassment they endure.

He also shared his love for music, mentioning that he is a great fan of Prezzo. In his revelation he said;

“By the way Prezzo I am your fan I listen to your music.” This was followed by applause from the crowd. He then continued. “And by the way many people don’t know me. Mimi ni mtu ya mziki, I love music because it is soothing to the heart and the soul.”

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