Oga Obinna has responded to claims of sexually assaulting the late Black Cinderella, as well as attempting to do the same to Brianna, who recently went viral for claiming to be in a relationship with her stepbrother, and her female friend.

Speaking in a phone interview with Ankali Ray, Obinna said that he will sue Radio Africa, where Black Cinderella was interviewed by Massawe wa Jappani a while back because of the allegations.

“Ukweli court itareveal. Currently there is an ongoing court case with Black Cinderella because when she made the allegations for whatever reasons she had lawyer wangu alifollow up. We are actually suing Radio Africa, Massawe, Radio Jambo and Black Cinderella. My lawyer is Willis Otieno, it has been a back and forth between my lawyer and them. Am not engaged with any of them,” he said and further confronted Ankali Ray.

“We hata huwa naona when something is alleged unaipatia kipaumbele and you know negative news inastick sana in people’s minds than positive news. Siku hizi mwanamke akilia hivi tu kwa media maisha yako imeisha.”

Referring to a case of a man who was sentenced to jail for many years because of his daughter’s false testimony, Obinna said that a lot of innocent men are in jail.

“They had their reasons. The same thing happened to Black Cinderella and this other young guys,” he said.

On the case of Kyle and Brianna, Obinna said that he already knows the person behind the drama, and there is evidence. According to him, the identity of the person will be revealed once investigations are concluded. Obinna said the person is in the media circle.

“The problem is, the girl is so young she is 19, if am to press charges now and anything happens to that girl, wakenya watanigeuka. Anything happens to that girl labda aende acommit suicide, ama afall into depression ama mental situation utaskia tu Obinna is so heartless, you could not forgive. That is happening but brand yangu ndio inachafuliwa. I am in a tight space, even if I decide to sue her, which might happen, ako na hela za kunilipa defamatory remarks? Itakuwa ngumu, labda prison term. This young girl and this young boy wanaishi kwa bedsitter, mzazi wao ndio anawalipia rent, sasa mimi nianze kupigana na watoto wadogo,” he said.

The father of four further said that he is not aware why people are targeting him with such malicious allegations but shared some of his guesses.

“Secondly, people are looking at soft targets. When people saw the black cinderella story wakaona nimenyamaza, wakaona wacha pia tufanye hivi. Hawajui nyuma  kuna zile zinaendelea. At the moment, I am having a biggest show in the country, I am the easy one to target,” he explained.

He further said that he has never met or any had any interactions with Black Cinderella.

“I have never met her, I don’t know her, I don’t remember her, we have never even had any interaction but she will go to court, the courts will clear the air, she will bring her evidence and I will bring mine and then court itadecide. Mimi simjui. A lot of people know how my house looks like because I post,” he said

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