New Life International Preacher Pastor Ezekiel Odero has insinuated that he is untouchable when it comes to matters of sorcery and witchcraft.

During a crusade in Kitale, Ezekiel cursed witches and sorcerers as he told off those calling him a witch.

“Who can roga me? Hii neema itue juu yako. Waliokuroga wachoke asubuhi. Mwingine akasema ati Pastor Ezekiel is the worst pastor, huyo mtu ni mchawi. Nilikuwa naona sijui YouTube, sijui Facebook at yule mchawi ameenda western. Yes, mchawi ameingia Western. Wachawi wote wawe vifaranga. Nguvu za Mungu zitue juu yako,” he said.

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This comes at a time when another preacher has declared war on him. The  preacher, identified as prophet Onyango, claimed that Ezekiel’s days are numbered and he would soon be going down.

“He holds the big Bible and people fall when he prays. Satan’s anointing can also have people fall but we operate  the superior power. We have declared the Lords Angels to fight there. Ezekiel your days are numbers. If you someone loves you may they get you this information. If you have powers send it we see,” the preacher dared Ezekiel.

The preacher said, that Jesus had to die for souls to be saved, yet preachers were belittling Him.

“Injili gani hii inahubiriwa na vitambaa, karatasi na mafuta na maji kwa chupa. Has God become so desperate that he must be packaged in a bottle. Has God become so desperate that Jesus has no power anymore that He is being assisted? I don’t need more prophets kunisaidia. Today ni 2024, aulize Manyuru what is happening, aulize David Owuor what is happening. Aulize Jame Ng’ang’a what is happening.

“Odero wherever you are be very afraid. You are going down. These are people that wamechafua anga ya Kenya sana. Ameshinda Ruto sis hautatushinda. Tutakukata square by the power of this word,” the preacher said.

@wausi77♬ original sound – rhoda

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