President William Ruto has said that Kenya is ready to send police to Haiti to help bring peace and calm  to the country as it welcomes swearing-in of the Haiti Transitional Presidential Council (TPC).

Kenya promised to support it in its quest to liberate and lead the troubled Caribbean nation overrun by armed gangs.

President William Ruto in a statement on X on Friday,  lauded the change of leadership, labelled it a crucial step in the political transition of Haiti. 

“The TPC has the singular task of moving speedily to re-establish key organs of the State critical to the restoration of law and order and necessary for the ushering of hope to all Haitians as prescribed by the Decree of April 12, 2024,” said Ruto.

The 9-member council officially took over on Thursday, after Prime Minister Ariel Henry officially resigned.

“In implementing the roadmap contained in this political accord, Kenya stands ready and willing- in concert with a broad alliance of nations in Africa and CARICOM- committed to Haiti’s stability, to rapidly execute the security support infrastructure envisaged under UN Security Council 2699 (2023),” Ruto said.

Kenya has committed to deploy a contingent of 1,000 police officers to help train and assist Haitian police to restore normalcy in the country and protect strategic installations as part of a UN Security Council-backed mission.

“Kenya assures the TPC of Haiti of its full support as it shepherds the country through this complex interregnum.”  Ruto said.

In March, Ruto announced the signing of an agreement between Kenya and Haiti to facilitate Nairobi’s involvement in the multinational security mission.

The signing of the agreement, witnessed by Ruto and then Prime Minister Henri, marked a crucial step towards the deployment of Kenyan troops to Port-au-Prince. 

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