Black Cinderella

Comedian Oga Obinna has found himself in the middle of controversy following the death of youth activists and former Nairobi Diaries cast Black Cinderella whose real name is Maureen Imbayi.

The family of Black Cinderella, in   a statement confirmed her death on Wednesday. According to the family, Black Cinderella passed away after in the late hours of Monday April 22, 2024.

“Our beloved daughter was rushed unconscious to the hospital and every effort was made to resuscitate her by a medical team but unfortunately was unsuccessful,” the family’s statement read.

The family further said that it would  carry out necessary procedures to determine the cause of Cinderella’s death.

Shortly before her death, Maureen had opened up about being assaulted raped by Comedian Oga Obinna back in 2015. That was not the first time she was speaking about the incident but in this case, she was very emotional and had cried her heart out.

After pouring her heart out in the emotional videos on social media, Cinderella announced that it was the last time she would be heard on social media, and further provided a list of the people that have been  her true friends.

“Oga Obinna and his descendants can have the world to themselves,” she wrote.

@blackcinderella001♬ original sound – The Black Cinderella

@blackcinderella001♬ Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet – Korede Bello

Screenshot of Black Cinderella’s Instagram post


Obinna, who is yet to say anything about the rape allegations, is however being attacked by a section of netizens. Below are some of their comments on Obinna’s latest posts.

Kelz_mba: It shall not be well with you for what you did to Black Cinderella. And please remove our Nigerian name from your Bio. Stop using the Igbo name to perpatuate your evil deeds, God punish you.

Kyen_Piya: I am a Nigerian woman and I’m intyerested. Tell us about Black Cinderella

Crystral Pearl: I hope that you are happy that BC is gone. Carry hear dead body and eat it to. God will judge you

Junior Kenya: Hii story ya Black Cinderelkla unasemaje.

The comedian took legal against Black Cinderella back in January 2024

Black Cinderella has left behind a daughter.

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