Comedian Eric Omondi has claimed that there is something wrong with the Kenyan parliament and something needs to be done about it.

Omondi said that when one enters a building, he/she feels a difference.

“Hio parliament mi naona tutafute doh tujenge ingine ama tushike ng’ang’a, Owuor, Ezekiel twende hapo tuiombee for one month. Tuitakase, Kuna Kitu hapo. there is something off. Ukiingia sijui nini inakufanyikia. Si uko tu sawa halafu ukiingia hivi…Juzi nilipeleka 75% nikaingia, nikaiskia, nikarudi,” the comedian said while speaking to Kenya Online Media.

He made the remarks while speaking about accountability by members of parliament.

“We need to do something about accountability. Our leaders  must be accountable, you can no just be lying and getting away with it. You can not finish the five years we recall you so watakuwa careful na vitu wanasema,” he said.

Omondi suggested that leaders should be made to sign an accountability form that will see them fulfil promises they made to citizens, before they are sworn into offices.

“I believe that the next group of leaders must sign a tangible, physical document before they are sworn in that says ‘if you opened your mouth and said I will’ na ukose, the people wanakutoa. That way people will be held accountable but kwetu ni free flow,” he said.

At the same time , he revealed how he was able to get a boat that he recently used to rescue stranded residents in Athi River, due to floods.

“We will not allow any Kenyan to suffer. The moment tuliona floods zimeanza a month ago tulikuwa tumejipanga Hata sahizi if anything happens, si boat tu, utaona vitu zinatoka. So sisi tuko standby kusaidia wakenya. But that is just to show, if an individual like Eric Omondi can react that fast to a disaster, how much more is an entire government expected to be prepared,” he explained.

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