Tanzania’s Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe has dismissed claims by Kenyan lawyer Ahmednasir Abdulahi that the the fake fertilizer sold to Kenyan farmers came from Tanzania.

This comes after Kenya’s Abdulahi in an X post alleged that he had information that the fake fertilizer was manufactured and bought from Tanzania appealing to the Kenya’s Agriculture minister, Mithika Linturi to address the issue and come clean to Kenyan citizens.

” I now have ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE that the fake fertiliser was manufactured/procured from TANZANIA. I challenge Waziri Linturi, National Cereals and Produce Board and MEMS to tell Kenyans the quarry in TANZANIA where the goat manure, sand and stones were mixed and in what proportions? Did KRA receive taxes from MEMS or did the fake manure pass through PANYA routes?” Abdulahi’s post read

This was however not received well as Bashe in a statement on Friday refuted claims saying that his country is in no way associated with the fake product adding that Tanzania engages in legitimate export businesses guided by the principles of integrity.

Bashe in his statement warned that they, as a country should not be involved in the popular Kenya’s hustle culture, putting emphasis on the fact that they do not involve themselves in questionable practices.

“Tanzania is not connected to any fake fertilizer scandal, so please do not associate us with the popular hustler culture. Tanzania does not export counterfeit commodities, including fertilizer, to Kenya. We are well aware of the exact nature of the goods our two companies have exported through official channels. Please address your own issues with shortcuts and questionable practices, as our trade policies are governed by principles rooted in integrity.”

Bashe went on to add that Kenya should clean its mess and not Tanzania as that is not their way.

” If there is a mess, I recommend you clean it up, do not implicate Tanzania. It is not our way.” Bashe said.

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