National Transport and Safety Authority  (NTSA) Director General George Njao has announced an intensified enforcement of traffic rules across the country as from next week.

Addressing the media, Njao indicated that officers from the authority would be deployed on the roads to ensure that motorists are adhering to the rules.

He indicated that the move comes ahead of the school re-opening that commences next week in a bid to ensure the learner’s safety.

He continues to express that the agency is ready to take action on any motorist who fails to adhere to the set safety guidelines.

“Our children are now returning to school from home. We will be present on the roads to be able to ensure the safe passage of our children.” Njao said.

Primary and secondary schools are expected to resume their second term as from Monday , 29 April.

This even as he called on parents to adequately prepare for their children’s travel back to schools as noting that the country is experiencing difficult times with the ongoing rains.

“We also ask parents to prepare for the travel of our children so that the children cannot experience any difficulties when travelling,” read the statement in part.

Meanwhile, Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen early in the month issued an inspection order that directs all schools to have taken their buses and vans for a mandatory inspection before Tuesday , May 1.

“As public engagements on the Draft Traffic (School Transport) Rules 2024 advance, all learning institutions are required to present their vehicles for inspection by May 1, 2024, to assess their mechanical soundness and whether speed limiters installed on them are functional.

Murokmen while issueing the directive also instructed all School vehicles carrying learners  should only operate 6 am and 7 pm and not later than that.

On the other hand, NTSA is also undertaking public participation for rules that will guide the use of school buses and commercial vehicles such as trucks.

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