Dancehall Musician KRG the Don and Rapper Stevo Simple Boy settled their long term beef in a video where they promised to put their differences aside and work together in the future.

Krg The Don and Simple Boy

In a meet up that was organized by  retired musician Jaguar founder of Mainswitch productions, the two reconciled and KRG called on Kenyans to support Simple Boy so that he can buy a Prado.

This he says because Simple Boy has been used before by fraudsters who have taken advantage of him. The recent one being his previous manager whom they fell out with and refused to give him access to his official social media handles demanding payment of ksh 150,000.

“Wakenya msupport Simple Boy hadi anunue Prado Tafadhali, matapeli wamemuibia, si wanawake, si  wale mamanager,” KRG said in the video admitting that Simple Boy is an honorable person.

The controversial musician also continued to advice Simple Boy to continue working hard. He moreover urged Kenyans to support  Simple Boy’s hustle by consuming his music and buying his Freshi Barida Juice  together with his merchandise.

Simple Boy however revealed that he stopped production of his juice because there is a court case filed by his former manager currently ongoing.

The king of wise sayings, also disclosed that he used to be told to beef with KRG  online but he apologised and KRG forgave him.

“Mbona walikua wanasema unanitukana?” KRG questioned, to which Stevo responded, “Si unajua ni hali ya mtandao.

Lakini mimi nilikuasamehea kwa sababu niliona ulianguka chini, maisha ikakulemea,” KRG noted.

This marked the end of their long overdue heated exchange online, with both of them deciding to burry the hatchet.

“I finally met Stivo Simple Boy kumbe you guys wanted me to beat him bure tu!!!! Yeye Hana maneno na MSANII WA RAIS KABISA!!!! From now onwards we are friends and you guys should support his hustle hadi akue stable truly,” KRG wrote on his Instagram.

KRG then gave Simple Boy ksh 5000 as a sign of good will to take him home. He also reassured him that he is in good hands now that he is under Mainswitch.


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