Kenya’s fastest growing rapper and king of new vocabulary Stivo Simple boy stated that he does not miss his ex- girlfriend Pritty Vishi.

The rapper was speaking during an interview with Eve Nyaga of Kenya Online Media (KOM) when he stated that he would charge Pretty Vishi for tarnishing his name.

“Juu amenichafulia jina kwa mtandao na sijamjibu akitaka kuomba msamaha anafaa atoe fifty thousand, akitaka turudiane alete laki tano na akitaka nimpachike mimba 1 million, akitaka harusi 2 million,” he said.

Stevo simple boy and Vishi have had a long term online battle since btheir separation throwing jabs at each other at any chance they get.

Despite making it clear that the relationship was over, Stivo asserted that those were the conditions that would have to be considered for the two of them to come together.

He however during the interview stated that even though he is currently going through some challenges, he is worth more than fifty thousand shillings.

When asked about the ideal woman for him, Stivo stated that the qualities he looks for in a wife are character and problem solving skills. He also asserted that him being in the limelight comes with a lot and therefore his ideal wife should be able to handle the situations where they may face with social hurdles.

Stivo in the recent  months has been experiencing detours in his career.

He lost his social media accounts after his former manager took the away, got allegedly evicted from his house in Buruburu.

He has however been able to make a comeback promising new music and a growth in his career.

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