manzi wa kibera

Manzi wa Kibera has denied claims of having any children and being married before.

According to Oga Obinna, It is alleged that she was in abusive marriage, and she left with 7 children when she could no longer persevere.The socialite, who claims to be turning 23, however said that she has never had children.

“Did we sire children? Have you seen children on my page? It is a done deal. Mara wanne mara seven, mara wawili, mara watatu, baba za hao watoto wako wapi. Kwani nilikuwa nimeolewa na Maasai,”

At the same time, she explained how she settled on creating content with the late Samuel Nzuki, 67, who posed as her wealthy lover.

“I had shown you everything, I had done all the shows but I was looking forward to make a further impact. I went to getto, looking for an older man. I wanted an older man than that mzae but he wasn’t available. That was the man that was only available. I wanted a man who I could carry on my back. I was brought two men, one was avery talkative Luo, I couldn’t do the show with him because he would have spilled the beans,” she said.

Nzuki on the other hand said that he would be able to take up the role and she picked him.

“He used to deliver. You know I was the sponsor. He was looking good and meeting the standard of a rich man,” Manzi wa Kibera said.

Obinna however questioned her if Nzuki ever asked her for s3x.

“How could he borrow and am very younger than  him. No, it was just content but I used to twerk for hi. He had frustrations. He buried his wife at Lang’ata in 2007. He had sold his land and he came to Kibera in 1982,” Manzi wa Kibera revealed.

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