King Kaka

Social media is awash with speculations that King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti have parted ways.

Rumours have it that the couple’s 12-year marriage has been put to test due to allegations of infidelity and further reports claiming that Nana might have relocated to Europe with their 3 children.

In a quest to dig out the truth popular radio presenter Ankali  Ray reached out to King Kaka but he shunned from answering any questions concerning the breakup reports.

“King mzee baba asi safi mzima  ? haraka haraka tu  nikuache King Kaka bana we na shem vipi bana  ama ni monkey business King Kaka  ,lakini mko poa we na shem,” Ankali posed.

The radio presenter wanted the rapper to clear out the speculations if they were really true or clout chasing. His efforts were however  futile as he couldn’t get any meaningful information from the rapper

All he got was the rapper insisting that he should get a ticket to his upcoming event. He  promised to speak to Ankali after he gets the ticket and sends it to his Whatsapp for confirmation.

“Umesha nunua ticket kwanza nitumie WhatsApp ndo nikuongeleshe ,nunua ticket  bro we unataka nijenge biashara yako alafu hutaki kujenga yangu,” King Kaka said.

Ankali said that the conversation wasn’t over yet hinting that he was ready to try as many times as possible to get to the bottom of the story .

“This file is not yet  closed wambea ” he concluded.

A while back, King Kaka and Nana also revealed that they dont follow each other on any social media platform a decision they made as a couple to avoid situations that would put their relationship on trial and scrutiny from the public.

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