Former Citizen TV Journalist Kimani Mbugua has been making worrying outbursts on social media that have been associated with his mental condition.

Comedian Obinna and several other men in the country have joined hands in a bid to help the former journalist.

Obinna had a conversation with Mbugua’s father, who revealed that he is the only son and the firstborn among three sisters.

Mbugua’s father went on to share how Kimani Mbugua’s life turned around after his birthday in 2020. He revealed that the 28-year old’s life had been fine, he scored an A in high school and opted for journalism instead of Medicine as his family had wished. He later landed a job opportunity in Nation Media Group before being poached by Royal Media Services. He had also been taking care of his younger siblings.

Things however took a different direction in 2020 February.

“I was in Westlands in the office, I called him, I have a company that deals with consultancy and he is my fellow director. When we were in the boardroom in the meeting, he stood and told me dad, for four days sijaisha ulevi. Nikashtuka na sisi ni SDA, pombe imetoka wapi? When he said so, he sat down, it gave me a red flag. Alipark gari kwa basement akaacha milango ikiwa imefunguliwa, na hakuwa late [for the meeting] that gave me a very heavy signal,” Mbugua’s father recalled.

Kimani Mbugua’s father


The same day at night, Mbugua’s father received a call from his girlfriend saying that he was talking non-stop.

“I underlined another red flag she made me listen to what he was talking and I heard things I could not understand. It worried me until today,” he recalled.

The following day, Kimani was taken to Avenue hospital in a bid to establish what was wrong.

“Nilikuta mtoto wangu amefungwa kamba, hanijui, hanitambui and he is talking and talking. It was chaotic. Ikanivunja moyo. When he saw me he called me my real names, ‘Mbugua!” the elderly man narrated.

Following the turn of event, Mbugua’s father began investigating what had happened to his son days prior.

“He had a birthday bash. As I was doing my parental investigations, the sister took his phone and went through his party photos. Akaona pale anatapika anaanguka anapigwa anaambiwa maneno and before that, my daughter claimed aliona white substances kunawekwa kwa glass yake na anaambiwa kunywa, ile unga unga,” Mbugua’s father said, revealing that his son’s drink was spiked with cocaine.

The phone however went missing with all the video and photo evidence, leaving the family in a limbo.

He underwent toxicology to remove the substances and it was also discovered that he also had marijuana in his body.

“When he sobered up, I questioned  him if he smokes weed and he denied. I have never seen Kimani smoke until 2021 when he openly smoked in front of me. When I did my investigations I came to realise that the most of the friends surrounding him used the substances,” the elderly man said.

Also, when Kimani Mbugua’s girlfriend spoke to the dad, she loudly wondered why he was given a lot of cocaine.

“I concluded very perfectly, my son was spiked with hard drugs because he changed from  real, humble, performing person to an animal-like. I thank the doctors a lot for taking that stuff out of home and it has taken years,” the father said and further urged the youthful people to be wary of the people they go to parties with.

6 months after the February 2020 incident, Mbugua was spiked again, and he had a relapse. From there he continued smoking weed, disregarding doctors’ warnings.

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