Bien, a very prominent member of the famous music group Sauti Sol, shared intriguing insights about his collaboration with renowned UK rapper Thyra Kigho Deshaun Oji or famously known as Ms. Banks.

When asked about the inspiration behind the name of their new track, sex and marijuana, Bien candidly admitted that the song reflects his personal interests and passions.

“I love sex and marijuana,” Bien revealed unapologetically. “These are two things I love very much. Hizo ni vitu zangu ,why not sing about them?” He rhetorically answered the question.

His straightforwardness sheds light on the themes explored in the song, which seamlessly blends the unique styles of both artists.

Bien didn’t hold back in expressing his admiration for Ms Banks, he praised her talent and hard work in the entire process of the song production.

“Ms Banks is an amazing artist to work with,” he acknowledged, hinting at the creative synergy that fuelled their collaboration.

” She gave me an amazing verse. Yaani akinitumia hyo yake karibu ni change yangu,” he  fuerther explained.

Bien also admits to have taught Ms Banks a little bit of Kenyan culture. This is evident in the song where Ms Bank incorporate in her verse some Swahili words “usiwe mjinga.” Through this it shows how the song played a very key role in the cultural interaction of the two artists.

Further more, Bien proves that he is up for the task to bring Kenyan music to the international level. This is after Kenyans complained  about not having a music artist to represents them at the international level.

“Si mlisema Kenya hakuna wasani international, Wacha nisukume,” he added

“Sex and Marijuana” this song is a testament to the people the big step that the Kenyan music is taking. Other musicians should emulate this to propel the process of spreading Kenya music to the outside world.

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