Media personality Nana Owiti and rapper King Kaka are trending online after reports surfaced that their 12-year marriage has come to an end.

The celebrity couple has always been voted as one of the drama-free couple in Kenya, and the split rumours have left some of their fans disappointed.

It is alleged that Nana packed her bags and left for overseas with their children, after securing a job, over matters that are yet to be released to the public.

Both King Kaka and Nana are yet to share any comment about their break up rumours, but each of them is going about with their usual business.

King Kaka is busy promoting his new film, Monkey Business, that will be premiering on May 17, 2024. King Kaka has also been sharing videos of colleagues promoting the movie on his Instagram account.

Nana on the other hand is enjoying life in Europe.

The ardent Arsenal fan shared her photo while at the Emirates Stadium.

“Rubbing off some of that of magical dust from the invincible coach. SZN. No leaking roofs over here,” she said.

Her post comes after Arsenal beat Manchester United in a Match that was held on Saturday. Arsenal scored one goal with their opponent failing to secure any goal.

“Ndovuu amerudi kwake, kazi kwenu Spurs. You are welcome Chelsea. Well done boys, super proud,” the mother of two celebrated as Arsenal climbed to the top position after their win against Man U.

Even as break up report continue to swirl around, just 6 days ago, Nana celebrated King Kaka as he turned 37 years old, referring to him as a significant person.

“A very happy birthday to a significant person who shares in the joy of our beautiful family. May your day be filled with love, laughter and blessings King Kaka,” she said.

If the break up reports are through, this would b the third time that the couple will be going through such a tough wave in their relationship. A few years ago, Nana packed her bags after the rapper cheated on her with singer Sage Chemutai.

“The affair so King Kaka sire a child out of wedlock.It was almost like an ultimate betrayal. We actually broke up for seven months before getting back together,” she told Massawe Japanni.

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