Kenyan singer Kagwe Mungai and content creator Sharon Mwangi made an announcement on Instagram that they have decided to go separate ways.

The couple who have been together for quite long, shared their heartfelt announcement directly to their fans in an aim of being transparent.

“Hey guys, we have some news to share. You’ve been a part of our journey, and for that , we’re incredibly grateful. We want to be transparent with you all even though sharing this publicly feels a little cringe,” Sharon stated on her Instagram post.

He admitted that there are rumors being spread out but clarified saying they have decided to part ways as a couple lovingly.

“We know that anything you hear or read elsewhere is likely fiction or assumptions. The truth is, we’ve decided to lovingly separate as a couple,” she clarified.

The musician recalled their life together saying it was great from the love they had for each other. He added that their love doesn’t end even though they will be together no more.

He says their separation is meant to make them better on different life paths. They appreciate and acknowledge the love and support they have recieved throughout their relationship.

“Our journey together has been extraordinary, filled with deep love and affection. The love we have for each other remains, but it’s taking a beautiful new shape, a chance for each of us to blossom on our own paths,” he explained.

However, Kagwe clarified that this is a decision they have made together as friends who want individual growth of each other. He urged the public to understand them and respect their privacy as they start this new journey of life.

“There’s no negativity here. Think of it as two best friends recognizing it’s time for individual space to pursue our most fulfilling lives. We won’t be engaging in further discussions on this and we deeply appreciate your understanding and respect for our privacy. Thank to everyone who supported, prayed and rooted for us,” he concluded.


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