Genge rapper Madtraxx, real name George Muigai, has responded to comments made on social media by his former wife, who claimed he was a habitual abuser.

On June 7, Salma Hussein the rapper’s spouse and mother of his kids posted several images on Instagram that seemed to document significant physical abuse, including bruises on her hands, a swollen face, and a black eye.

Hussein continued by sharing a brief message in which she made it clear that her ten-year partner is a “woman abuser.”

“I married a monster, but I’ve never thought I’ll get beaten in my life! Superstar Madtraxx, y’all! I’ve struggled with anxiety, fear, and trauma my entire life!10 years with an abusive woman!” she wrote.

According to the 2021 medical report she shared, she has scratch marks on her left leg, bruising on her upper limb, bruises on her knees, a soft tissue injury to her skull, and ecchymosis around her left eye, all of which could indicate years of abuse.

However, Madtraxx refuted the claims in a phone conversation with Ankali Ray, claiming that he had already closed the chapter and was not about to throw petrol on the fire and that his estranged wife was trying to bring up an old issue.

Since she is my children’s mother, I don’t want to talk badly about her, but I’m relieved that I’m no longer in that toxic relationship. He remarked, “I’m relieved that’s behind me.”

“I have no idea what she’s attempting to do. She’s attempting to elicit a response from me. She’s trying to drag me into her poisoned trail by bringing up things that have already happened.” he argued.


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Madtraxx continued by saying that he and Hussein had been apart for a long time and that he was moving on with his life while taking care of his children.

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