Kimani mbugua

Former Citizen Tv journalist Kimani Mbugua was on Thgursday airlifted to Mombasa rehabilitation and empowerment centre for further treatment.

Kimani Mbugua has been experiencing mental health problems after his drink was allegedly spiked in 2020.

On a recent tweet by Mike Sonko on X, he stated:

“We managed to airlift former citizen tv journalist Kimani Mbugua to Mombasa rehabilitation and empowerment center for further treatment as promised earlier during the Oga Obinna interview.Lets pray for him. I’m 100% sure, he’ll be OK.

Before heading out to board the flight, Kimani Mbugua’s dad thanked Sonko and was assured that his son was going to come out of the rehabilitation center a better champion and a good person.

Mike Sonko stepped forward to assist journalist Kimani Mbugua by offering to transfer him to a better medical facility.

Sonko had consulted with Kimani Mbugua’s parents to settle the outstanding bills at Mathare Hospital .

The decision to transfer Mbugua came  with assurance, citing the successful progress of former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng.

According to Sonko, the former boxing champion is also getting care at the same establishment.

In a previous interview with Oga Obinna ,the media personality’s father opened up about the circumstances around his son’s mental health issues.

He revealed that when Kimani’s ex-girlfriend noticed that Kimani was talking to himself nonstop at home, she was the first to express worry.

He further explained that the incident at Kimani’s birthday celebration, in which some unidentified women allegedly drugged his drink, served as the catalyst for this episode.


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