YouTuber, entrepreneur and influencer, Joanna Kinuthia has opened up on her decision to reject a Ksh70,000 job to focus on content creation.

In an interview with Cindy Muriuki, she disclosed that her dad had advised her to quite the job (if she wanted to) as she was still living at home.

“Once he said that, I went in and gave in my resignation, but I lied. I said ati I have another job… And they actually increased my salary.”

She recalled that she was first offered a salary of Ksh25,000 and after asking out she was promised an increment of the salary to Ksh70,000.

“That time when I joined they were paying me 25k, and he said, you know this is just like probation salary and they said they were going to push my salary up to 70k. That did not faze me at all. I knew I was leaving. Funny thing, mind you, I was leaving for nothing. I was going to pursue this creative thing that I didn’t even know if people were making money from it.”

The content creator says she had made up her mind, knowing she has to do some other important things than that job.

“That’s how much I knew I didn’t want that job, and I wanted to pursue content creation. So I turned down Ksh70k at that time,” said Kinuthia.

She says she quit her job in July 2017 after she ‘felt there was so much more to life than’ working for someone.

“Soon after, I started getting great opportunities to work with amazing brands. I made my first million through these amazing brand collaborations with names I could only have dreamt of working with,” shared Joanna.

Joanna revealed that she began creating content on Facebook in 2016. That is before creating content on YouTube which is what made her popular.

Kinuthia holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Marketing. At the moment, Joanna has her own cosmetic line – ‘Joanna K Cosmetics’.

Joanna Kinuthia doesn’t feel like she has used her degree much but acknowledges the university experience she got. She is currently in a relationship with musician Chris Kaiga.

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