High court Judge Kanyi Kimondo has pushed the bail/bond hearing of murder suspect John Matara to May 9.

Matara who is charged with the murder of socialite Starlet Wahu will spend more time in remand after the High Court adjourned the hearing for bail/bond application to the later date.

This even as Matara’s advocate Samuel Ayora resisted to argue the matter without the pre-bail report which he says will have an impact on the outcome of the applicant, is yet to be submitted to court.

The report in question is yet to be submitted to court despite there being orders from February 26, to have it submitted early prior to March 18.

The state requested for more time stating that the probation department will be able to present the same the report by then confirming that the document is not ready.

Ayora opposing the two weeks requested by the state, asked for a nearer date arguing the prosecution’s failure to deliver should not affect his client saying that it should have already been  presented.

Justice Kimondo however explained that the court is breaking for recess until late April and that he’ll also break for leave saying he can only give a date in May.

A notice in the court states that the Judge will be on official leave from April 2, to April 30, with both days exclusive.

He directed that the pre-bail report be filed and served to the parties in the case including the defendant and victim’s lawyer in 21 days from March 18.

Matara will continue being held at the Industrial Area Remand and Allocation Centre awaiting the hearing and determination on whether he will be released on bond/bail or not.






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